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  • Modern Pink Gin with a focus on quality:

    Taste your way through 10 modern Pink Gins all with a unique edge. This is a wonderful line up of names in the Gin world with some great Pink Gins. All available in three different sizes, 10ml, 20ml or 30ml in order to taste neat or pair with your favourite mixer. The flight includes the following Gins:
    • Manly Spirits, Lilly Pilly Pink Gin
    • Bloom, Jasmine and Rose Gin
    • Ginato Pompelmo Gin
    • Victory Pink Gin
    • Jawbox Rhubarb and Ginger Gin
    • Old Curiosity Pink GIn, Elderflower and Jasmin
    • 58 Gin, Hibiscus and Apple
    • Daffy's Mulberry Gin
    • Edinburgh Rhibarb and Ginger Gin
    • Glendalough Irish Rose Gin
  • Scottish Gin leading the way:

    Taste your way through 10 fantastic independent Scottish Gin producers, available in three different sizes, 10ml, 20ml or 30ml. This is a great flight of Gins and full of exciting flavours for you to discover, with or without your favourite mixers. Including the following Gins:
    • Rockrose Scottish Gin
    • Eight Lands Speyside Organic Gin
    • Edinburgh Gooseberry and Elderflower Gin
    • Hrafn Thought and Memory
    • Kerr's Borders Gin
    • Eden Mill
    • Porter's Scottish Gin
    • Daffy's Gin
    • Blackwood's Vintage Gin 60%
    • Crossbill Small Batch Highland Dry Gin
  • Taste your way through the tumultuous timeline of Gin.

    Taste your way through 10 different samples of Gin made across the globe, with its origins in Dutch medicine, through to dark days in London, right through to the modern renaissance in Gin production that we see today. This flight includes Genever, Corenwiyn, Old Toms, London Dry Gins and modern Gins using unique botanicals and production processes.
  • A rare opportunity to sample some vintage Gordon's.

    We have liberated a pristine bottle of Gordon's Gin from the 1980's and made it available in 10ml sizes to make it as accessible as possible.
    Bottled at 40% abv this is a sipping Gin with a difference: It has had nearly 40 years undisturbed in the bottle. This extra time has mellowed the liquid and it is utterly irreplaceable.