1998 Caroni Aged 16 years 55%


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A rare opportunity to sample a Velier 1998 Caroni aged 16 years

We have liberated this special Velier release from Trinidad into 10ml measures making it accessible for everyone.

Bottled at 55% ABV and distilled at the Lost distillery, Caroni in Trinidad. This liquid was distilled in 1998 and aged for 16 tropical years before being bottled at cask strength. 3850 bottles were produced suggesting it is a blend of rums rather than a single cask created by molasses grown in Trinidad.

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Established in 1923, Caroni was key to the Royal Navy for its heavy, high ester rums that the sailors craved. Trinidad once was home to more than 50 distilleries, however, by 1950 only 8 remained. Sadly, with the decline of the sugar industry in Trinidad, the islands became more reliant on imported molasses which eventually saw the closure of Caroni in 2002 after the Trinidad government sold 49% in Rum Distillers Limited to Angostura. The distilleries which survive on the island now must rely on molasses and sugar cane imported from Guyana.