Caroni 19yr BBR


A rare opportunity to sample some rapidly disappearing Rum from the closed Caroni Distillery in Trinidad.

We have liberated an exceptional bottle of single cask Caroni from the infamous and now closed Caroni distillery in Trinidad. Bottled at 55.2% abv. This is available in 10ml bottles to make it as accessible as possible.

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A 19 year old single cask Caroni, bottled by Berry Bros. and Rudd. What’s not to love?! Established in 1923 on the site of the sugar factory for which it was named, Caroni was a key component of the British Navy Rum ration, adding a unique, heaviness and intensely full flavoured edge to the blend. Sadly, with the decline of the Trinidadian sugar industry and the end of the British Navy Rum Ration, the Islands distillers became more and more dependent upon imported molasses, making distilling less and less economical. In 2001 the Trinidadian government inevitably sold a 49% share in the holding company to Angostura. Caroni was closed in 2002 and a behemoth of flavour was lost to the world.