Clairin Ansyen Vaval 21 mois 48.6%


A rare opportunity to sample Clairin Ansyen 21 mois.

We have liberated this special Clairin Ansyen into 10ml measures making it accessible for everyone.

Bottled at 48.6% ABV, Clairin is the spirit of Haiti. Using traditional production techniques with native grown, organic sugar cane juice.  The liquid was aged for 21 months in ex-Caroni casks creating fresh cane, along with woody notes and spices.

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We are very pleased to be sharing this Clairin Ansyen Vaval release. Clairin has a ‘Triple A’ designation, meaning it must be produced respecting a certain protocol. Some of those rules include, the cane must be transported to the distillery by animals after being harvested by hand. Secondly, the fermentation should last at least 120 hours. In addition, it must take place with natural yeast. These are only a few examples of the vast extent of rules that must be followed.