Diamond 1996, Velier 64.6%


A unique opportunity to taste one of the best Rums in the world before it all disappears

We have liberated an extremely rare and valuable Rum and made it available in 10ml sizes to make it as accessible as possible. This truly is a unique opportunity to taste Rum’s full potential. Bottled at a whopping 64.6% from Demerara Distillers Ltd, or DDL for short. They are famous for producing some of the tastiest Rum the world has ever seen- Take El Dorado as a perfect example. They have the famous Demerara Sugar Cane to play with, named after the Demerara river on whose banks it grows.

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This really is my desert island Rum. I’ve struggled to write about this Rum objectively.

This is a marriage of 5 barrels from the Diamond Coffey still in Guyana. It has been matured for 15 years “in the Tropics” where the Angels are particularly greedy. The end result is intense with concentrated flavours that leave a lasting impression.