J. Bally Millésime 2002 Agricole 43%


Take this opportunity to sample J. Bally Millésime 2002 Agricole

We have liberated this special Single Vintage J.Bally 2002 into 10ml measures making it accessible for everyone.

Bottled at 43% ABV at Distillerie du Simon, Martinique. 1 of 7 distilleries left on the island. Using 100% sugar cane juice. this distillate has no age statement. However, Rhum Vieux means old rum in french implying its older than 3 years. Tasting notes include dusky oak with spices and cloves.

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We are excited to share this J. Bally release with as many people as we can. Interestingly, Martinique has its very own list of strict AOC rules for rhum production. These include, the harvesting should occur between January 1st and the 31st of August and fermentation must not exceed 72 hours.