Pussers 50th Anniversary Royal Navy 54.5%


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A rare opportunity to sample Limited Edition Pussers Royal Navy 50th Anniversary.

We have liberated this Limited Edition Navy Strength Pussers rum into 10ml measures making it more accessible.

Bottled at Navy Strength 54.5% ABV, this is a very special blend created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Black Tot day. This is a blend of 2 Trinidadian rums created in a column still and 3 Guyanese rums, distilled in the Port Mourant double wooden pot still as well as their column still.

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Black Tot Day, when the final ration of rum was given to the Royal Navy on 31st July 1970. The 50th Anniversary release was created to honour Black Tot day, and to the specifications of the ED&F Man, the exclusive rum broker. This rum highlights rich molasses, brown sugar,  gingerbread and island spices.