Samaroli 1998 Guadeloupe Rum 45%


A rare opportunity to sample Samaroli 1998 Guadeloupe Rum.

We have liberated this 16-year-old rum, bottled by independent Italian bottler, Samaroli in 2015. We have made it available in 10ml bottles with the hopes that as many people can try it as possible.

Bottled at 45% ABV, this rum was distilled in Guadeloupe in 1998 which was then matured in Scotland. Samaroli bottled this blend in 2014 from cask No. 10

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Samaroli is an Italian Independent bottling company with a focus on bottling Scotch Whisky and Caribbean rums. The late Silvano Samaroli founded his company in Rome in 1968. Samaroli was one of the first bottlers to promote cask-strength whisky, and soon to be rum.