Silver Seal Long Pond aged 21 years


A rare opportunity to sample this Extra Fine 21 years Jamaica Rum from Long Pond Distillery.

We have liberated a limited 21 yr Extra Fine Jamaica Rum and made it available in 10ml bottles, everyone needs to have a taste of this!

Bottled at 50%, this fantastic rum was distilled in 1986 at the Long Pond Distillery and only 60 bottles were released in 2007 by independent bottlers, Silver Seal.

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Jamaica is internationally known for its aromatic, high ester rum created out of unique distillation processes. Long Pond’s distillery and sugar factory were first created in 1753 in the Trelawny parish of northwest Jamaica. Back then, it was no different from the other functioning distilleries on the Island.

Since then, the distillery suffered closure due to leakages in their dunder storage tanks. In 2017, a reopening ceremony was hosted by National Rums of Jamaica (NRJ). 2018 a fire spread from a nearby field, unfortunately causing a fire at the distillery. Luckily, no one was hurt and the rum wasn’t affected, as it was aged off-site, the distillery suffered a huge setback.