The Rum Cask Fiji 59.3%


A rare opportunity to sample The limited edition Rum Cask from Fiji .

We have liberated this special Rum Cask release from Fiji into 10ml measures making it accessible for everyone.

Bottled at 59.3% ABV and distilled at South Pacific Distillery, Fiji in 2001. This liquid is made using 100% pot still rum and aged 15 years of combined tropical and continental ageing. The distillate was bottled at cask strength in 2016 by German independent bottlers The Rum Cask. Tasting notes of tropical banana and pineapple, with aniseed and cinnamon spices coming through on the finish.

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The South Pacific distillery is the only one operating in Fiji and has been active since 1980’s. The Rum Cask are an independent German bottler, releasing their first line of rum in 2013. Since then, they have proven to have a knack for selecting high-quality liquid from different origins. The SPD creates rum for hundreds of different brands using their 2 pot stills and 4 column continuous still for Rum production.