Velier, Royal Navy, Very Old Rum 57.18%


A rare opportunity to taste one of the best blended Rums in the world

To celebrate Black Tot day 2020. We have liberated an extremely rare and exciting Rum and made it available in 10ml bottles. This truly is a unique opportunity to experience one of the very best blended Rums ever created. Bottled at a cracking 57.18% the blend includes the following:

  • Caroni Rum aged in the Tropics more than 20years
  • Demerara Rum, aged in Europe for more than 15years
  • Jamaican Pure Single Rum, aged in the Tropics more than 12 years

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On July 31st 1970 the British Navy retired the Rum Ration. Known as Black Tot day; The Navy dressed with black arm bands and literally pushed rum overboard in caskets. This mock funeral for the Navy Rum Ration has been celebrated annually and our nod to the Navy drinking Rum whilst in charge of Nuclear Submarines is to offer up this incredible blended Rum (Far far better than the actual ration of Rum given daily on board the ships of the British Navy) in sizes that are accessible and affordable for all. Including Rum from the closed Caroni Distillery this really is one of the best value Velier Bottlings I have come across.