Velier Uitvlugt aged 17 years 59.7%


A rare opportunity to sample the Uitvlugt 17yr Demerara Rum.

We have liberated a beautiful 17 yr Uitvlugt Demerara rum, bottled by Velier and made it available in 10ml bottles to make it as accessible as possible.

Bottled at 59.7% ABV this fantastic rum was distilled in 1997 at the lost Uitvlugt distillery in Guyana. The casks were marked ULR meaning “Uitvlugt Light Rum.” 5 barrels worth went on to be bottled in 2014 which produced 1404 bottles.

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Uitvlugt is a village on the west bank of the Demerara River. In the 17th-century sugar cane estates in Guyana were producing their own rum. Uitvlugt distillery was established in 1750 and known for heavy style rums, thanks to their double wooden pot stills. However, sharp fluctuations in sugar prices saw distilleries merging together in 1970.

Only 4 distilleries remained in Guyana, and 11 sugar factories down from an excess of 200 in the 17th century. Demerara Distillers Limited continues to use the four-column metal French Savalle Still inherited from the Uitvlugt Estate. This still is characterised by a pronounced sweet, sugar cane nose combined with a dry medium-bodied flavour