Worthy Park Estate 12 yr 56%


A rare opportunity to sample a Worthy Park Estate 12 year Rum.

We have liberated an incredible 12yr Worthy Park Estate Jamaican rum and made it available in 10ml bottles to make it as accessible as possible.

Bottled at 56% ABV and distilled at the Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica. This is their longest aged official release to date and it is taken from the second year of the revived production at the distillery.

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Worthy Park Estate released their oldest official release of 100% pot still rum, at cask strength in 2018. This 12 year rum went through a 30 hour fermentation, then aged in ex-bourbon barrels which were filled at 65% ABV. This rum has the perfect balance of complexity which you expect from a Jamaican rum and has no caramel colouring or additives added.