Discovery Set- Peaty Whisky


Broaden your horizons with a unique tasting set of Peated Whisky from around the world.

Taste your way through 10 different samples of Peated Whisky made around the world. We all know and love Islay but what about the rest of the world. This set includes tasters of each of the following, in either 10ml, 20ml or 30ml:

  • Amrut Peated (Indian)
  • Westland Peated Whiskey (American)
  • Paul John Bold (Indian)
  • Connemara 12yr (Irish)
  • Penderyn Peated (Welsh)
  • Cotswolds Peated Cask (English)
  • Seven Seals Peated Portwood (Swiss)
  • Stauning Curious Peated Rye Spirit (Danish)
  • Dunville’s Three Crowns Peated (Irish)
  • High Coast Timmer (Swedish)


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Not currently being able to bottle and Scotch, this forced me to think outside the box and boy am I glad, I’m sorry for Scotch because it’s currently missing out, but there are some incredible Peaty whiskies from all around the world and they make for a great tasting session!!