Discovery Set- World Whisky


Educate yourself in the mystical world of Whisky.

Taste your way through 10 different samples of Whisky made across the globe. This is an education in the international development of Whisky, including tasters of each of the following:

  • Mack by Mackmyra (Swedish)
  • Starward Nova (Australian)
  • The English Whiskey Company, Rum Cask Matured (English)
  • Torpedoed Tulip, Zuidam (Dutch)
  • Beverback Single Malt (German)
  • Green Spot (Irish)
  • Paul John, Brilliance (Indian)
  • Kavalan Concertmaster (Taiwanese)
  • Armorik Sherry Cask (French)
  • Nikka from the barrel (Japanese)




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And no it’s not just Japanese Whisky getting the attention here, discover award-winning distilleries from India and Taiwan and taste your way through some lesser-known European delights.