J.J Corry The Gael Batch No.1 46%


A rare opportunity to sample J.J Corry The Gael Batch No.1

We have liberated this special J.J Corry release into 10ml measures making it accessible for everyone to try.

Bottled at 46% ABV and blended by The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Company. A special blend of 26 yr single malt (5%) 15 yr old single malt (27.5%) 11 yr old single malt (27.5%) and a 7 yr old grain (40%) an edition of 7000 bottles. Tasting notes include green apples, melon, cinnamon.

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We are very happy to be sharing this Irish Whiskey created by Irish Whiskey bonders

In the late 19th century hundreds of distilleries were operating in Ireland, they, however, did not have their own brands of whiskey. Distilleries would create a new make spirit and sell it wholesale to the local bonders. Whiskey bonders would travel to their local distilleries with empty barrels, to age and blend themselves. So much of the flavour comes from the barrel and the climate where the barrel is stored.