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Whisky 101

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Whisky 101


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Educate yourself in the mystical world of Whisky.

Taste your way through 10 different samples of Whisky made across the globe, from America to India and Japan. Available simply as a set of 10ml tasters. This is a fantastic way to learn and educate yourself in the flavour profiles of the classic styles of Whisky including Rye, Bourbon, Irish Pot Still, Blends, Single Cask Sherry, Grain and Single Malt.

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This is a must-try range of Whisky. I have tried to cover as many bases as possible here and have thrown in a few of my favourites to boot, Including Green Spot from the Midelton Distillery in Ireland and a cracking Oloroso Cask bottled at cask strength from the Aberlour distillery from the Highlands of Scotland.


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